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Computer Basics.

Computer Basics

Knowing how to use computers is important in everyday life. Whether applying for jobs online, reading the news, banking and paying bills, searching for information, or communicating with others, digital literacy is increasingly part of basic literacy.


It is designed for Students, Working Professionals, Executives, School children, Parents and Elders.


It is meant for just any one interested in learning computers.


The participants of this short term course will be able to increase your productivity by attaining the skills and knowledge to work confidently with advanced levels of Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) effectively.

  • Duration: 50 Hours
Course Content:
Topics Duration : 100Hrs
Overview of PHP
Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs
PHP Operators
Arrays in PHP, What are Arrays?.
PHP Functions.
Classes And Objects (PHP 5.3)
File Handling
Working with Databases and Forms.
Using Cookies with PHP.
Miscellaneous PHP Tasks.
Introduction to MySQL.
Create & Manage Database and tables.
Data Types, Functions and Operators & SQL Statement Syntax.
Data Definition Statements.
Data Manipulation Statements & Control Statements.
Stored Procedures and Functions.
Over Views.

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